2013-14 ad info - page 6

Rates Effective Jan. 1, 2014
more bang for your buck
ach significant section of LDN has a sponsor, a business or governmental
agency which provides significant funding for the production of that section.
The huge advertising advantage to being a section sponsor is a lot of exclusive
exposure for a low price.
The Section Sponsor has a button ad on the front page
section banner, a link in the top banner on each page of that section, and receives
a large display ad in that section, as well as a banner ad on one of the pages of that
section. In addition, each section sponsor will receive an additional large display
ad in another location in LDN. The large display ad & page banner can link to
sponsor’s website. All ads are in full color in LDN (unless you request black and
• Minimum 6 month commitment
• Inclusion on a first come, first served basis
Price Range: $600 & up per month
banner ad
sponsor button ad
large display ad
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