Business Card Ads
Effective 2012
Karen Hargis 
Cell:  (217) 737-7418



WaterBusiness Card ads remind the public that you exist, give your contact information, and say you are ready to do business!  Sized at 230x105 pixels, these ads are in full color and get attention.  Business card ads roam Lincoln Daily News and appear in-column in news stories.  Ad production is included with contract at full rate.

  • runs every day

  • 3 Month minimum contract

  • add'tl changes within month: $10 each time

  • position request: add'tl $10/month (Premium positions not available - Top Stories, Obits, Law)

  • civic rate: 50% off

Horizontal: $110 & Up per month

Vertical: $150 & Up per month

(premium position in stories)